I speak truth to power.

I was born and raised in District 1 to Puerto Rican parents. I'm an Independent Filmmaker, artist and housing activist. I was awarded Best New York Feature Film and Best New York Director at the 2015 New York City International Film Festival. I have seen the changes first hand throughout the district. When these changes started to impact my neighborhood, in 2007 I ran and was elected as President of my Tenant Association.

In 2010 during my tenure, I helped negotiate terms for a $97 million renovation and forty years of affordability on behalf of 600 families (2010-2050). I've helped countless of tenants avoid eviction and made sure my landlord was repeatedly exposed for failure to provide the Warranty Of Habitability New York Real Property Law Section 235-b

I saw the inner workings of how government works and who was really pulling the strings. It was not the politicians; it was and still is corporate interests. I became increasingly frustrated and was baffled how it often took dozens of phone calls, emails, petitions and office visits to get the attention of our elected officials, state, city and federal agencies.

I have decided to run for City Council after realizing that I could no longer sit on the sidelines and watch others make decisions without consulting or considering those who matter the most; the constituents of District 1. The hyper-development of our district, the flagrant disregard of existing residents and allowing for mega towers to be constructed. Not to mention the lack of actual "affordable" units, keeps me up at night. We have to do something.

I will not be a bribed and bought politician. I am someone that can cultivate real change and give residents back their power to institute changes they need and deserve.


  • Secured affordable housing for 600 families at the Grand Street Guild until 2050
  • Counseled other tenant leaders on affordable housing negotiations with their landlord
  • Worked with Federal, State and City officials with matters related to District 1