District 1 Solutions




I have always supported "The Chinatown Working Group's plan and will advocate for height restrictions in District 1. The construction of mega towers in our neighborhoods directly impacts our quality of life and the very fabric and aesthetics of our communities.  This zoning plan would protect chinatown and the Lower East Side. I would fight to prevent the wheels of displacement that have been in motion for over a decade. I want to put an end to the hyper-development in our district, which causes increased rents and displacement of lifelong constituents. 

If the community wants more affordable housing then we must improve the current formula of 20% because that's just not enough. I would push for many more units to actually be affordable for the working class. Our district has experienced our councilwoman's vision first hand; changing the zoning of residential areas to commercial. All of which benefits developers not her constituents. These phallic symbols are going up everywhere in the district. Proof she has sold out our communities to billionaire developers.  This agenda targets the most vulnerable among us, turning a neighbor against neighbor and ultimately creates a class divide.

I have always put people first, from all my many years in public service as former tenant leader. Constantly advocating for more oversight and transparency.  In 2010 during my tenure, on behalf of 600 families I negotiated $97 million renovation along with city, state, federal agencies and our Landlord to secure forty years of affordability from 2010 to 2050. I've helped countless tenants avoid eviction and made sure my landlord and management company was exposed.

I also see our NYCHA neighbors suffering, I would help them fight against their sub-standard conditions and neglected facilities. NextGeneration and privatization seems like a way to privatize the gains and socialize the losses. This will eventually hurt residents who are the victims of NYCHA's neglect and eventually price them out of there homes.

I pledge to fight and save our green spaces, which our constituents hold dear and never allow what happened to LaGuardia Park, Mercer Playground, and LaGuardia Corner Gardens— happen again.


The city has  lied to the community for years, claiming that they could not stop the mega-towers going up on the LES waterfront because these buildings were supposed “as of right”.

Thanks to the work of LESON and members such as Tanya Castro-Negron (Tenant leader of Lands End 2 and one of the founding member of TUFF-LES), we now know this is a lie. I have been working extensively with members of the community to help address their concerns.

According to their research, the area is governed by what is known as a “Large Scale Residential Development Site”. Anything that gets built within the two blocks governed by the LSRD must get special authorizations or permits from the City. It is likely that the developments will not be able to be built or will have to be substantially altered because none of them will comply with the regulations set forth by the LSRD.

Instead of standing up for the community and enforcing our LSRD, what did our current Councilwoman do with the mayor? They Folded! They both lied to the community, saying “it’s a done deal’. (http://www.thelodownny.com/leslog/2016/08/two-bridges-mega-project-moves-forward-even-if-department-of-city-planning-wont-admit-it.html). It is clear that it’s because they are deep in bed with the developers; corrupt to the core.

If elected councilwoman, I will enforce the provisions to the LSRD and ensure that JDS, Starrett Corp., and L+M do not step foot in this neighborhood- no more megatowers. I will ensure that anything that gets built in the Two Bridges community will serve the needs of the people there. More low-income housing, an affordable grocery store, and spaces for community services.

I will put an end to sweetheart deals with developers. I will make sure that every real estate law and zoning ordinance is enforced.


I am opposed to mayoral control of our public schools. This control takes away the voice of our district's school communities and more importantly, the parents.

I am opposed to federal, city or state funding of charter schools who take space from our public schools. This causes a burden on our children who need the room within the building and the funding for activities and special instruction. Charter schools should be obligated to pay rent as they have the resources to do so. They also need to be transparent with their curriculum, school related data and budgets.

We also need to acknowledge that our school community does not represent the diversity of this city. Many communities have thoughtful and organic ideas to tackle these issues and the Department of Education should support these efforts.

School funding is being threatened particularly now with the Trump administration. I will be a united voice along with parents and other representatives to make sure our children get their fair share of funding for education.

Since developers are adding to the increased population in our district, they should be mandated to solve the overcrowding issues they're creating, by funding new schools in perpetuity. If a development is approved, I will mandate that they fund and construct new school buildings.


I support the SBJSA (Small Business Job Survival Act). The SBJSA would end illegal extortion of commercial tenants who are forced to pay money under the table to keep their leases, rent gouging by landlords, instances in which landlords refuse to even negotiate a lease renewal with the tenant, bargain in good faith with their tenants. It would also stop landlords who work deals behind the backs of the tenants in order to take over their successful businesses or in some way gain profits as a result of the years of hard work by the tenants.

This bill would also prevent landlords from passing along all their own costs and responsibilities onto their tenants to pay. I urge you all to go to http://takebacknyc.nyc/sbjsa/. Local mom and pop shops are the very fabric of what makes NYC communities unique and diverse. However,  as a result of the hyper development, many of our favorite long-time shops are being forced to close due to the artificially increased rents. These shops are carrying the fiscal responsibility because of these developers.

I will fight for the city to extend tax abatements to actual local small businesses. These businesses have been around in our neighborhood for years and we need to support and give them the respect and dignity they deserve.

community Engagement

I want to implement participatory budgeting so the entire community has a say where my office's discretionary funds will be allocated.

I believe that our local district leaders need more access to their council person. I want to meet with all the District Leaders on a frequent basis as a group so that we all can discuss the needs of the district and work collectively to address them.


I support an increase in the minimum wage. As a step further, I would advocate to tie the minimum wage to the cost of living and inflation. 


93% of Americans want money out of politics. That's why I support WOLF-PAC.COM. You might hear politicians talk about transparency. Transparency does not solve the problem of the legalized bribery of our politicians. It just shows who's buying them. That's why I'm for ending the corruption and it starts with public funded elections. When politicians take money from corporations, PAC's, billionaires and developers they're beholden to them. I'm not for sale.